Board of Trustees


Ed Percival.  Ed was elected to the Board in 2017; he is a proven, MBA-qualified, commercially-oriented leader who has driven change across charity, travel, retail, research and IT. He has extensive marketing experience with particular skills across digital and social. During the past decade he has held senior marketing positions with The Prince’s Trust and with the Landmark Trust.


 Sue Hourizi.  Sue was elected to the Board in 2013 having previously served from 2005 to 2008. She has been a member since 2000.  She has been involved in family history since childhood; and while working in North Africa co-organised an oral family history programme in the early1960s. Her professional background is in secondary school language teaching, from which she retired as a Head teacher.  She has been researching in the SoG library since 1990 and since 2000 has been a  volunteer in a number of working parties connected with the Society including recently the telephone help line.  She is currently a member of the Business Committee.


Ray O'Connell.  Ray has been a member since 2012.  He is a keen genealogist who has 20 years of experience of genealogy and family history research.  In his professional life he has worked in Investment Banking, for many years with Lehman Brothers.  His skill sets are wide and include product development, business strategy, fundraising and marketing.  Since his retirement from banking he has dedicated himself to helping on several Charitable and nonprofit organisations at Board Level.



Miss Amelia Bennett.  Amelia has been a member since 2011 and volunteers in the Library and at external events. She is an experienced genealogist who has been researching both personal and others family history over the past twenty years.  Amelia is active within the UK and international genealogical community.  Within her professional life, as a nuclear safety engineer, she has been involved in strategic planning and can evaluate and analyse complex information. She has experience of problem solving, budgeting, marketing and networking.  Amelia is currently a member of the Business Committee.

Miss Laura Doyle.  Laura has been a member since 2013 and has a keen interest in Genealogy. Head of Investor relations at L&G Laura is a qualified Chartered Accountant.  She is a self-motivated, innovative project manager with a strong background in financial modelling and due diligence. Laura is a welcome addition to the Board. 

Rob George.  Rob was elected to the Board in  2017. He is Head of Corporate Services at the RSPB, where he manages legal service, information and library services. He works closely with the Charities Commission. His key skills and experience include marketing, publicity and promotions, product development and strategic management. Rob also has experience of publishing and has worked for Cambridge University Press.

Janice Tullock. Janice was elected to the Board in 2017.  She is a professional heritage and archives consultant. She has worked extensively with archives, museums and libraries, including Manchester Archives. She offers support with strategic planning and management, audience engagement, fundraising advice and training in archive administration. Janice is very experienced and has many contacts in the wider archives and heritage community. She has been studying her own family history for over thirty years.