Coronavirus Update




Please click here for service provisions while we are closed.

Latest Status 23rd June 2020

At the date of writing this we still have had no update from the government on when we will be able to open.
We are busy readying the society but some measures needed will not be able to be done until staff recommence working in the building due to logistics of deliveries etc.
When we are officially allowed to open we may need to take a little extra time to prepare.  Be assured we will not open until we have put all the essential safety measures in place.
Plans are still being finalised but it is possible that initially you may need to book to come in to the Society.  The reason for this is due to the restrictions in room we will have.  We will only be able to allow a certain number in the building, on pcs, readers etc. We would not want our members to turn up and find they can’t come in.  If this is necessary we will put the booking system in place before we open.  
Keep an eye on the website for the latest information as we get closer (hopefully) to re-opening.
In the meantime can I thank you all for your support during these difficult times.  Membership has been holding up reasonably and a huge thank you to all who have donated. It really helps the Society.
If you would like to donate visit our donations page.  Donate here

Latest Status 26th May 2020

The latest information from the government indicates we may be one of the last sectors to be allowed to open. This will be at the earliest July.  In the meantime we are working on ways to keep you and our staff and volunteers safe when we do reopen.  We are arranging for protective reception screens, sanitisers, extra cleaning, social distancing measures in the library and other measures.  We will publish guidelines for visiting on the website when we are due to open to assist your visits.

Latest Status 22nd April 2020

The lockdown has been extended until at least the 7th May 2020.  We are working hard to continue your services and a link is available at the top of this page.  We are currently testing online lecture facilities, the volunteers and staff are kindly acting as testers.  As soon as this is in place we will offer as many of our lectures as we are able online.  New education modules are close to being finished to add to your online experiences.   We are also discussing with the TNA how we can make the library access available to you at home.  Ancestry have unfortunately told us their site is unavailable to us remotely and we are still talking to Findmypast.   Our genealogist will continue to blog about our online collections so please do keep an eye on our news page.  Stay Home and Stay Safe.

Latest Status 27th March 2020

The Society has had its deep clean but following government legislation on 21st March we will be closed until the restrictions on social gathering are lifted.  Please use the above link for services available to you.

Latest Status 16th March 2020

Further to last weeks announcement we have had a visitor to the Society who now feels they may have the Coronavirus (they have not yet been tested).  He had no personal contact with anyone, wasn't attending any lectures and wasn’t doing research so no material should be contaminated.  However, we regrettably feel the time has come to close the Society until further notice.  

We will carry out a deep clean and then keep the situation monitored but we feel we cannot put you, our valued members and visitors, at risk until the escalation and spread of the virus is bought under control.  

Anyone who does develop any of the symptoms are advised to follow NHS guidelines.  We will not repeat them here because it is a constantly moving situation.

All events attendees will be contacted and given the various options open to them. We will be hoping to reconvene events when we are able to re-open but refunds will also be offered if you cannot attend the rescheduled event.

We will continue to offer the web services and staff will work remotely to service members where possible.   This has happened quicker than we expected but I am hoping tomorrow after I meet with staff to go through the logistics I may be in a position to see if volunteers can man the help line more frequently.

Anyone who misses this notice and arrives tomorrow will be offered external refreshments before having to return home but I will be unable to let anyone in the building.

We appreciate your understanding in these unprecedented times and hope you all stay safe.  We also hope our visitor recovers from this dreadful virus unharmed.

Monitor this web page and our blog to see when we will re-open.  We intend to revisit the decision each fortnight, the first review will be on March 27th.

Kind Regards
June Perrin, Chief Executive



Status 11th March 2020

Here at the Society we are monitoring the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation carefully regarding our operations and servicing our members and visitors needs.

We have to be extra careful and acknowledge a majority of our visitors fall into the elderly and vulnerable category so vigilance is paramount.  We advise extra care with hand washing and have placed hand sanitizers for use for visitors, staff and volunteers.   Extra wipes have been made available for keyboards, mice and computers.   However this is more difficult with the physical material of books, manuscripts etc.  If you visit you may like to fetch gloves with you.

If you have any flu like symptoms the advice would be not to attend but follow the current government health guidelines.

The society relies heavily on volunteers to service counters (among many other tasks they carry out).  If we reach a point where volunteers do not wish to travel we may have to temporarily close (or indeed if government advice on travel in London changes).  Staff will try and carry on working remotely to service your requirements during this time but please be aware things may be outside of our control during this period.

We hope this terrible situation is contained and all our members remain safe.