Services during Closure

We are sorry the Society has had to close temporarily during these difficult times of the Coronavirus (Covid-19). 

It is essential the welfare of our Members and visitors come first and we urge you all to follow the government guidelines and stay home wherever possible.  We will keep you updated on the Society on the special status page here.

Members can continue to utilise items available on the website including the members' area resources and the data online. (Please remember to login first).  The members area has some learning modules (which we will be adding to), a full beginners course, learning guides and of course the Community Hub (see below).

We will carry out a series of blogs to highlight available and new items so keep an eye on this during the closed period. SoG Blog.

We have expanded on the services below the contact details in the item headed 'Keeping Calm and Carrying On'.

We will also continue to provide other services during this time to help members as listed below:


Genealogical Help and Advice telephone Line - New Hours:

Monday to Friday - 2pm to 4pm   07585130081


Genealogical Help and Advice by email:



Community Hub

Members can communicate and pose their genealogical queries on our community forum in the Members Area  We have some excellent moderators and have asked more volunteers to assist with any queries you post.  Other communications will be going on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc and these will appear on our blog (see above).


Library Enquiries:

Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm     07585130081




Membership Enquiries:

Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm  

We will have a telephone number for you as soon as the mobile is set up.

Whilst we appreciate library access is not available temporarily, we are working hard to offer services and we hope you will continue to lend us your support.  Cancellation of memberships would have a disastrous effect on the Society as we already operate on the minimum of resources.  Your loyalty is appreciated and valued.


Events help:

Events information can be found at

For further enquiries  on events and future bookings email

Members are reminded we have extra education modules on the website in the Members area and we will be working with our Genealogist to get new ones uploaded as soon as possible for added benefit.

We are also working to launch a pilot online lecture, if this works we hope to launch some more for you while the library is closed.


Bookshop items:

We will unfortunately be unable to fulfil orders during the closure as all stock is on site but queries can be sent to


We apologise for the temporary disruption to our services but feel sure our members and visitors would rather remain safe than risk everything for their research.  Stay safe and well.

If you need to contact me for any reason I am available on

June Perrin, Chief Executive


Keeping Calm and Carrying On

While the library is, of course, currently closed to Members and visitors there is much that our Members can do to interact with the Society and each other. Our online collections are available, and our staff and volunteers are still working at home behind the schemes to keep the online show on the road. You can keep in touch with the SoG as follows:

The Members’ Online Community Hub

This is an online forum for Members in the exclusive Members’ area of the website. It allows for themed, threaded conversations and provides an opportunity for members to ask questions, help each other and to discuss genealogical matters. It is administered by the SoG IT support and volunteers. Unlike the old SoG Rootsweb list this is available only to current SoG Members and remains private. The Community Hub has conversation threads where enquiries can be made about general genealogical questions and specific questions about sources.  However, like the Rootsweb list it is a platform for Members to talk to each other and is not the formal means to communicate with staff or Trustee board members.  You will find the hub when you log into the members area of the website ad we have some guidance on using the hub on our website here 

 The Genealogists Magazine

The GM (as we call it) will continue to be published quarterly with articles and space for letters and questions and is made available to all new members as an online colour PDF or to existing members as a paper copy if we can. Members can use their online profile in the Members' area of the website to request a PDF rather than paper copy if required. (Given the costs of postage this will be much appreciated if Members elect to receive the PDF).  At the moment, while the library is closed you can send letters and enquiries to the editor by email  and they will be passed on the editor. 

The e-newsletter

The e-newsletter will continue to be available for Members and non-members and is disseminated via an email at the end of each month. This reports news from and about the SoG, our events, publication and news from the genealogical community.  If anyone has news or information they wish to submit to the newsletter they should email and this will be passed on the editor. Anyone can subscribe to the free e-newsletter via the website.

The Society’s Website

The website has an open public news section which also reports news from and about the SoG, our library, events and publications and news from the genealogical community. This is the most current and immediate means of communication and it is here that we will also report, for example, power cuts or closures.

Direct Emails

Regular direct emails from the SoG are sent to those members and non-members who sign up to receive news about SoG publications, SoG data online, publication of the Genealogists’ Magazine and e-newsletters and SoG events.  Subscription to these emails can be controlled via the account profile created when you sign on the SoG website.

General Enquiries etc

General queries and questions, genealogical enquiries, library searches, press enquiries and other matters can be directed by 'phone or email to the appropriate SoG department such as the library, membership or genealogist. Unfortunately, hard copy and library searches cannot be carried out until our staff are able to get back into the library. Emails addresses are found in the contact page of the website and temporary direct mobile phone numbers to call our staff can be found on our website above this article. 

Social Media

The Society is active on Social Media. News and events which are mentioned on the news page of the SoG website will also be reported on Twitter and Facebook and information about our genealogy events can be found on Pinterest and Instagram. Look out for some live videos on our Facebook page.

Tutorials and Talks

Collection Tutorials and Recorded Talks. In the coming days we will be adding more recorded material to the member's learning zone and we’ll be focussing our web blog and news pages on the treasures of our library on how to the best from the SoG’s digital collections that are  made available exclusively for our members.