Family Feuds - An Introduction to Chancery Proceedings

Family Feuds - An Introduction to Chancery Proceedings
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Among amateur historians, "Chancery Proceedings" has become a generic term that encompasses the records of all the courts of equity. Strictly speaking it includes only proceedings of the Court of Chancery. In reality, outside the academic world, and for the purposes of this booklet, it is loosely used to cover the records not just of the Court of Chancery, but of the other princpal courts of equity. The jurisdiction of the courts covered England and Wales only, although colonial disputes were sometimes brought to the courts, as were cases relating to Scotland and Ireland.

The booklet is in two parts; the first part is intended to whet the appetite of the amateur family historian by describing why the records of the Equity Courts are worth looking at and answering such questions as what sort of cases were brought to these courts, what sort of people brought them, and how easy are they to read? The second part describes the records themselves and the indexes and calendars that will enable you to look at them, together with some guidelines on searching them effectively.

By Susan Moore, A5 95 pages, pub. FFHS 2003