Family Historian v6

Family Historian v6
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Create family tree books, charts, reports, maps, websites and family tree CDs and DVDs with Family Historian for PC. This expansive and easy-to-use CD-rom helps you document your family tree in style, allowing you to attach photographs, videos and other multimedia. Compatible with GEDCOM 5.5, the standard for shared genealogical data format, it also allows you to import external family tree data from such sites as and

In this 6th version of Family Historian, the software automatically finds matching records on MyHeritage databases, and a newly-added Web Search workspace window increases functionality by making it easier to transfer all the information you find into your project, with full source citations. There is, in addition, an added best-of-breed mapping in another new workspace window, the Map Window, so that users can easily see events marked on maps, and use the Time Slider to observe changes over time.

Another feature in V6 is the new and improved Media Window, which has been completely redesigned and now includes a new Media Link tool, to make linking people to faces in pictures much quicker and easier than before.

For more information on Family Historian V6, visit the Family Historian website and take the online tour.

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