My Ancestor was a Gentleman

My Ancestor was a Gentleman
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By Stuart Raymond.

Nowadays the term gentleman is often used to describe a man of any social class who processes certain positive attributes, such as bravery, politeness and honour. Yet between the sixteenth and nineteenth century gentlemen—the gentry—were men who stood just below nobility in wealth and political power; owners of country estates and wide acres.

In this book Stuart A. Raymond examines the role these men played in society, placing the English and Welsh landed gentry in their historical context, and detailing the various techniques and sources that can be used to trace them. In addition to looking at parish records, the book explores heraldry and pedigree collections, as well as inheritance records, legal and education records.

For those wishing to trace their gentlemen ancestors, or those simply seeking to learn more about British social history, this is a compelling and fascinating book.

Published December 2012