My Ancestor was a Woman at War

By Emma Jolly.

Women did a lot more in wartime than we popularly assume, however, researching your female ancestors at war requires a different approach to that of standard military research, plus flexibility and dedication.

This book aims to explore the range of roles undertaken by women in wartime. It also encourages wider research into the role of women at war, with a particular emphasis on the Victorian era and the two world wars. There are chapters on women working within the medical professions, muntions factories, the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force, intellligence and much more.

With fascinating case studies and a very useful guide to available records and sources, this book is an essential read for any family historian with a female military ancestor, or indeed a general interest in military history.

'A refreshing and in-depth look at 'herstory' from a genealogist's point of view, with masses of valuable leads for further research' - Family Tree Magazine

Published December 2013.