My Ancestor was in Service

My Ancestor was in Service
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My Ancestor Series
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By Pamela Horn.

By the end of the Victorian era nearly a third of all women and also many men in England and Wales had been a domestic worker at some time in their lives. This book seeks to give some guidance in researching ancestors who were in service or who themselves employed domestic staff. A thorough and comprehensive guide containing vital information for the family historian researching ancestors who primarily worked ‘in service’ in stately homes throughout Britain.

The guide starts with a detailed introduction to service during the late 19th and early 20th century Britain; the roles they fulfilled, what life was like working such jobs, and who it was who filled these roles. All while providing the context and social and political backdrop during this period. The detailed nature of the book gives the reader the ability to fill their ancestor’s shoes, describing the daily routines of house workers exquisitely. It thus serves as a history as well as a genealogical research guide. It provides useful sources for researchers, namely the addresses of vital record offices, and points the reader in the right direction suggesting areas of research, and the types of sources vital for genealogical research in this area, including Trade directories, newspapers, Wage books etc. A must have for anyone researching these occupations.

Published 2016