My Ancestors were Londoners

By Cliff Webb

A large percentage of the population has always lived in the London area. As a result most British genealogists will at some stage in their research stumble across a Londoner, and when they do they are likely to encounter a number of problems. Indeed, because of the sheer amount of people living in the city, you may regularly encounter namesakes of the ancestor you are researching. And for this same reason you may find that London records are rarely as comprehensive and easily attainable as those of a small village or town.

Taking these problems into account, this book is an essential guide to discovering your Londoner ancestors. Written by Cliff Webb, who has been deeply involved with family history for over 30 years, it contains valuable information on administrative divisions, census returns, parish and non-parochial records, poor law records, wills, school records and newspapers, and much more.  

6th edition 2010