My Ancestors were Thames Watermen

By James Legon. A family historian’s guide to ancestors who worked as Thames Watermen or Lightermen in the City of London, this book documents the life of those who toiled on the Thames with a thorough introductory history of the Company of Watermen and the so-called ‘Dock Age’, and describes in detail the typical working life for those who worked the waves from the 16th century to the present day. In this book the reader will find guidance on where to locate records and sources for their research; manuscripts, civil registers, parish registers, censuses and more. Included in the book is a comprehensive list of useful websites and addresses, listing the multitude of archives, genealogical organisations and heritage institutions in which relevant material can be found.  The book is closed by an assortment of appendices which provide vital information for researchers, including archival accession numbers for important material. This is a fully revised edition of this unique guide to tracing watermen and lightermen who worked on the Thames. Second Edition 2008.