Researching Brewery Ancestors

Researching Brewery Ancestors
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The brewing industry, along with Pubs, Inns and Alehouses, employed large numbers of workers—far more than today. In Victorian Britain the number of licensees alone peaked at more than 100,000. It is, therefore, unsurprising that so many of us have ancestors who worked somewhere in this industry.

The first section of is a brief survey about the changing nature of brewing, the pub, and the people who worked there, which might help if you are trying to discover more about your ancestor and they places they worked in. The second part offers advice about the records and where you can find them. There is also a glossary of terms you might come across in the course of your research, a short bibliography, and list of relevant web-sites.

By Simon Fowler, A5, 47 pages, , pub. Family History Partnership 2009 (second edition)