Death & Taxes: Understanding the Death Duty Registers 

Death & Taxes: Understanding the Death Duty Registers 
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Records & Sources
Birth, Marriage & Death Records
Wed 3 Apr 2019
1 hour
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One of family history’s best kept secrets – records of death duty payments.

Many of us have found our ancestors’ wills and know that they can often give us really valuable information about our family. But very few of us have thought about looking at related records for death duties.

For more than 100 years, from 1796 to 1903, the Inland Revenue maintained a series of registers recording these payments. The National Archives now hold the registers, waiting for us to search them.

In this talk, Dave Annal tells us all about them. He covers what’s in the surviving records. Then he describes how to use them to uncover fascinating facts about the lives and times of our 19th century ancestors.