Discover your Ancestors Old Occupations

Discover your Ancestors Old Occupations
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Sat 25 Apr 2020
3 hours
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From doctors to lawyers, labourers to miners, engineers to stock brokers – the records relating to our ancestors’ professions, trades and occupations add greatly to our family story, helping us understand the working lives our ancestors led.

In this half-day course, Amelia Bennett helps you to discover the occupational sources held here in our Library at the Society of Genealogists, and in other places. This course is for you if you’re keen to find out about your ancestors’ occupations and the records that can help you understand more about your ancestors’ world of work.

Amelia covers:

- Did they work as an agricultural labourer or in the factories and mines of the Industrial Revolution?

- What sort of skills or qualifications might their occupation have required?

- Were they an apprentice or a Master?

- What sort of employment records could you look for in the archives?

This course is suitable for many levels of family history experience.

25/04/2020 14:00 - 17:00