Family Historian Software for Beginners & Refreshers

Family Historian Software for Beginners & Refreshers
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Sat 1 Dec 2018
7 hours
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Family Historian is a powerful, award-winning genealogy program, with comprehensive features designed to meet the needs of anyone new to family history research as well as the needs of experts.

In this full-day workshop, John Hanson provides an overview of Family Historian version 6. The sessions during the day are designed specifically for UK users, both beginners and people wanting to refresh their understanding.

In the morning session, John covers how to add information to the database including:

- Adding family members;

- Editing people's details;

- Adding people that aren't related;

- Sorting or changing the order of children;

- Recording your sources - includes using Ancestral Sources;

- Adding extra facts about a person.


In the afternoon session, John looks at how to get the information that you entered out and covers:

- Drawing a tree and saving it;

- Creating reports;

- Writing queries.

You do not need to bring a laptop for the day. But DO bring all your questions about using the software.

Important: This workshop covers using the Family Historian software. The workshop does not cover general family history research.

A full-day course with John Hanson, FSG.

 01/12/2018 10:30 - 17:00