Family History for Beginners & Refreshers: Parish Registers

Family History for Beginners & Refreshers: Parish Registers
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Beginners Instruction
Parish Registers & Records
Sat 5 Oct 2019
3 hours
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Starting out on family history research or coming back to it after a break? Find out where to start and what to do.

Most of the records that relate to the baptism, marriage and burial of an individual were held by the Anglican Church until 1837, when civil registration began. It's true that a lot of the records are online now but just entering your ancestors' names in a search program may not give you any results or you may find people with similar names that aren't actually part of your direct family tree.

In this half-day course, Louise Taylor covers:

How to search for records of marriage, baptism and burial in Anglican parish registers;
Both online and offline sources;
The best methods to use in your search.