Family History Getaway: Family History Research Before 1837

Family History Getaway: Family History Research Before 1837
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Further Skills
Records & Sources
Wills & Probate
Early Records
Parish Registers & Records
Mon 15 Jun 2020
4 days

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Note this is a 5-day event  Join us at the Society of Genealogists for a Family History Getaway Week. The Society is hosting a five-day programme in its Library in London to help you to find your ancestors before 1837 and even back to the 1600s. Fifteen workshops and talks, a chance to research the records we hold, expert help when you need it and lunch every day included in the cost.

It’s a bit difficult to accurately identify our ancestors once we start exploring before census and civil registration. Some of us may think that if our ordinary family lived regular, uneventful lives there’s not that much to know. But we’d be so wrong. Every one of our ancestors contributed to, and helped to build, the world we live in today. ‘Just’ agricultural labourers - they were part of the agricultural revolution with new crops and new ways of farming. Labourers in one of the cities – the new machinery moved them from working at home to working in harsh, unpleasant mills or factories. Joined the Navy or the Army – then they served in the regiments that built an Empire. And while all this was happening, those same ordinary people were beginning to ask for new rights – to vote or to own land – and develop new beliefs – religious freedoms or equality.

This Getaway Week focuses on helping you find information and available records so that you can build a picture of your earlier ‘ordinary’ ancestors’ lives. For a full agenda of all the events in the week, view our full programme

Aims and objectives

To look at the sources that are available to research your family before 1837.

To know where to find records and how to use them.

Overall, to begin to build a picture of what it was like to live and work earlier centuries, fitting it all into the context of Britain’s history and social issues.

Carry out your own research, using the books, documents and records in our Library and Catalogue, with expert help when you need it.

Who should attend

You will gain the most benefit from the Getaway Week if you have already researched your family using the civil registration and census records in England and Wales.


Full cost for 5 days of talks, workshops, lunch, and access to our Library £260.00/£208.00 SoG Members

With tutors Else Churchill, Patric Dickinson, Gill Draper, Alec Tritton, Michael Gandy and Charlie Mead

Monday-Friday, 15-19 June, each day 10:30-17:00.