Family History Getaway Online: Family History Research Before 1837

Family History Getaway Online: Family History Research Before 1837
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Tue 8 Dec 2020
2 days
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Join us for a three-day Getaway - Family History Research in Britain before 1837 - without having to travel anywhere. This year the Society of Genealogists is delivering its Getaway programme on Zoom. So where you live doesn’t matter. What does matter is you can take this opportunity to learn how to find your ancestors in England and Wales before 1837 and maybe even back to the 1600s.

Ten workshops and talks, question and answer sessions with the tutors, and group discussions and expert help every day included in the cost. A Getaway encourages you to focus on a period of time. Build up your skills, have your questions answered during the day, and increase your knowledge of British records.

It can be quite difficult to accurately identify your English and Welsh ancestors once you push back beyond 1837 - before the census and civil registration start. Maybe you think that your ordinary family lived regular, uneventful lives so there’s not that much to know. But you might be surprised. Every one of all of our ancestors contributed to, and helped to build, the world we live in today.

‘Just’ agricultural labourers? Find out about manorial records, which frequently held details of all the manor’s farm workers. Plus you can see how your ordinary ancestors were part of the agricultural revolution with new crops and new ways of farming. ‘Just’ urban labourers? They may have worked on the newly invented machines of the industrial revolution, in large-scale mills and factories.

Learn how to use the apprenticeship and guild records to see what they were doing, or the Poor Law and workhouse records for the less fortunate. Understand something about the Quarter Session and Ecclesiastical Court records – your ordinary ancestors may feature in them as victims or witnesses. And in case you struggle with those scripts that old documents are written in – there’s a session on how to read old documents.

This Getaway Online focuses on helping you find information and available records so that you can build a picture of your early ‘ordinary’ ancestors’ lives. The full programme can be viewed here

Aims and objectives

To understand what sources are available to research your family before 1837.

To know where to find the records and how to use them.

To begin to build a picture of what it was like to live and work in earlier times.

To join our group discussions and question sessions, supporting your own research requirements and building a community of shared interests with everyone else attending.

Who should attend

You will gain the most benefit from the course if you have already researched your family using the civil registration and census records in England and Wales.

Tutors: Else Churchill, Caroline Gurney, Alec Tritton and Dave Annal

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