Family Tree Maker Software - Beyond the Basics

Family Tree Maker Software - Beyond the Basics
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Computers & Internet
Sat 24 Jun 2017
7 hours
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24/06/2017 10:30 - 17:00

This course will build upon the overview of the Essentials course. The instructor will look at using the maintenance "Power Tool" features of the program to repair, find duplicates, correct and clean up your family tree information. We will look in more detail in each of the work areas, and give some helpful tips and tricks. We will have time at the end for a Q&A to try and answer specific questions and issues you may be having using the Family Tree Maker program. This course requires that you have attended the Essentials course (Beginners-Refreshers) first to ensure you have a good grasp of the basic features of the program to build upon. Bookings will be limited due to the intensive nature of this course.

A full-day course with Mike Bollinger