Fleshing Out the Bones of our Ancestors Using Local History Sources

Fleshing Out the Bones of our Ancestors Using Local History Sources
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Regional - UK
Local History
Sat 25 May 2019
3 hours
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If you think exploring the local history centres will help with your family history, you’re right. The trick is to know what they are, where to find them and how to use them!

Many family historians want to explore local history to find out more about the lives of their forebears in such areas as schooling, poverty and wealth, church and chapel, and housing as well as specific cities, towns and villages. Many resources with hundreds of personal names and details are now available in print and on free websites. Using these resources overcomes some of the difficulties of old manuscripts, which may be written in Middle English, French or Latin, with handwriting that is difficult to decipher.

In this talk, Dr Gill Draper and Dr Jane Howells show you how to identify and use these resources, both online and print, and how to access libraries which hold useful items for local and family history.

About the speakers:

Dr Gill Draper works for the British Association for Local History as its Events and Development Officer, and often speaks on its behalf at family history events and history conferences. She undertakes research and publishes for both academic and general readerships, including archaeological companies and Historic England (formerly English Heritage). She is convenor of the Locality and Regions Seminar at the Institute of Historical Research.

Dr Jane Howells is editor of Local History News for the British Association for Local History. She is an experienced author, and a regular speaker to local and family history organisations.