Following the Money

Following the Money
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Further Skills
Wills & Probate
Sat 9 Jun 2018
3 hours
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Financial Records for Family Historians – with Dr Gwyneth Wilkie

This talk follows the money in records other than Wills, looking at what can be learnt about our ancestors in areas as varied as churchwardens' accounts, bastardy bonds, household budgets and insurance documents. New forms of record-keeping prompted new forms of dishonesty.

Two types of record lead us back towards Wills: disputes about inheritance often came before Chancery and other courts, revealing details of people's lives which would otherwise have remained hidden.  We will also see how the Death Duty Registers, although not easy to use, can simplify and supplement the information found in Wills.

Wills & Probate Records for Family Historians – with  Else Churchill

This talk will look at wills and administrations. We will discover other related probate documents such as accounts, inventories, appeals and disputes which show the wishes of our ancestors and how their estates might be dispersed. It will also include a brief over view of unclaimed estates and bankruptcy with items on monetary records from the SoG library

09/06/2018 14:00 - 17:00
Else Churchill & Dr Gwyneth Wilkie