Getting the Most from the Society of Genealogists

Getting the Most from the Society of Genealogists
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Wed 7 Nov 2018
1 hour
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Since 1911, when we were founded, we have been collecting family history documents, long before the arrival of local record offices. As the National Family History Centre we are the UK-wide repository for family history documents and records. So, we have items that you might not expect to find. Many documents are originals and some are beautiful to look at. Within our collections you can find marriage settlements, deeds, certificates, wills, photographs, newspaper clippings, probates, family coat of arms and letters. They give us a tremendous insight into what life was like for our ancestors. Where do you start? What do you choose to look at first? How do you find items and how long can you look? In this talk, Else Churchill aims to explain what's available and where to look.

A one-hour talk with Staff Genealogist Else Churchill. Free of charge but you must book your seat.

07/11/2018 14:00 - 15:00