History of Kentish Town

History of Kentish Town
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Local History - UK
Wed 1 Apr 2020
1 hour
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Kentish Town is not where it should be! The original village was clustered around St Pancras Old Church, a mile or so further south. However, around the 13th century St Pancras village re-sited itself on the confluence of two branches of the River Fleet, known as ‘the Ken Ditch’. Fine gentlemen’s houses were built amid the fields but the village was snubbed again when St Pancras New Church was built in Euston Road. Various railway companies driving their tracks and goods yards through the area should have finished the village off. But Kentish Town has survived.

Join Joe Studman for a talk to learn more about Kentish Town’s story.

And don’t miss Joe’s walk around Kentish Town on Thursday 23 April.

01/04/2020 14:00 - 15:00