Joining our Online Talks

We are now delivering Online Talks, using Zoom. 

You can see the latest online talks by browsing Events & Courses on our website. 

Book on to an online talk. Use our website, just as you would for any other event. Remember to log in first if you are a Member so that you pay the discounted price. Our Events Team will email you a confirmation for your booking, as we do for all events. They will send you a second email, one day before the talk, giving you a link and a password to the online talk.

New to Zoom? The Zoom app is free for users. Before the day of the talk, we recommend that you download the app. You can do this from the Zoom website or, if you are using an iPad or iPhone, from Apple’s App Store. You can just register on the Zoom website to join talks using your browser, but we don’t recommend it. You won’t have to download anything. But we find that, sometimes, people using their browsers on our talks are more likely to have problems hearing or seeing the talk. 

Your system doesn’t have a microphone or a camera? No problem. Zoom allows you to watch the presentation and listen to the speaker. If you don’t have a microphone, you won’t be able to speak to anyone. But, Zoom has Chat and you can just type your questions and greetings and good byes into that – most people do. If you don’t have a camera, no one else will be able to see what you look like. That’s a shame, but it doesn’t stop you from enjoying the talk.

What is the name of your Zoom account? Please take a moment to check the name that shows when you open your Zoom app. It may be very different from your name, including the name you use for your SoG account. For example, maybe your family uses Zoom to stay in touch and your Zoom account is called 'Hogan Family'. If you have booked on to our talk as 'Paul Brown', we won't know who you are and there will be a delay in allowing you into the talk. If your Zoom name is really different, please let us know before the talk. You can add your Zoom name in the Comments field when you are booking the talk on the SoG website. Or you can email us before the talk to let us know.

Do you have the latest version of Zoom? If you have an older version of Zoom, you will prompted to update when you try to enter the talk. The update doesn’t take very long but you might want to check you are up to date before the day of the talk.

We email you an invitation to each talk. The day before the talk, we send each person who has booked an invitation by email. This helps to keep our talks secure. Keep an eye on your Spam folder as well as your Inbox. The invitation will look similar to this one:


Joining the talk. You can join up to 20 minutes before the talk starts. Click on the web address included in your email. Enter the password. You will arrive in the ‘waiting room’. Our Co-host ticks you off our attendance list and allows you into the talk. Unless you’re really sure of your connections and system, don’t leave it till the last minute. Give yourself some time to check your sound and visuals and sort any last-minute problems. Once you’re set up, you can always go away and make a cup of tea.

We record most of our talks with permission of the speaker. If you book and pay for a talk but for some reason can’t attend, you can ask us to let you view the recording. We only record the actual talk – not the time before it starts or the Questions session. You can be sure that you will not appear in the recording. However, just in case you are inadvertently in the recording, you will be edited out before it is made available to other people.

No independent recording is allowed We do not allow anyone attending the talk to record it, using their own device. Copyright for the talk belongs to the Speaker, to the SoG, or both. Do email us if you have any questions.

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