London During World War I

London During World War I
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Social History
Wed 3 Sep 2014
1 day
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03/09/2014 14:00 - 15:00

With the development of airships and aeroplanes Britain was no longer an island - bombing came to the capital for the first time - how would the city and more importantly its citizens cope?
This talk covers the build up to war, its progressive destruction and its effect on London and Londoners. Starting with the press and fictional writers talking up the threat of invasion by sea and airship and the evil 'hidden hand' within a Britain full of spies! With the outbreak of war London becomes a transportation centre for British and Colonial troops as well as returning troop trains full of soldiers straight from the horror of the trenches and thousands of wounded. How would London respond to these changes and how would the novelty of seeing Zeppelins in the night sky turn to panic in the streets? Women increasingly filled men's roles on the Home Front and with internment of Aliens, rationing and the arrival of Belgian refugees London was a changed City.

A one-hour lecture with Chris Everett (see related walk 6 Sep)