Maps & Property Records for Family Historians

Maps & Property Records for Family Historians
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Sat 21 Jul 2018
3 hours
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In this half-day course, Sue Adams covers two topics.

Session 1: How maps were made and why it matters for family historians

'Where?' is an important question that family historians ask about ancestors. Maps are all about where, and were made for many purposes. The development of map making technologies, from ancient times to the digital era, had profound effects on the maps produced. In this session, Sue explores estate, enclosure, tithe and valuation maps, commonly used by family historians. She analyses and critiques digital versions of historical maps. In a brief demonstration of mapping technology, she shows how to enhance your research by making your own maps.

Session 2: An introduction to using property records for family history

Property records are an under-used, but potentially very rich, source of information about our ancestors. In this session, Sue explains types of tenure, the processes for transfer or inheritance of property, and the documents produced. She demystifies unfamiliar legal terms like freehold, copyhold, and many others. Focus is on documents in English after 1733. Sue wants you to learn strategies for finding, interpreting and incorporating property records in your research.

Sue Adams is a professional genealogist. Her Master's thesis, completed in 2012, combined historical maps, manorial property and genealogical records using mapping technology.

A half-day course with Sue Adams

21/07/2018 14:00 - 17:00