Marriage Law for Genealogists & Illegitimacy (outside the law?) 1700-1987

Marriage Law for Genealogists & Illegitimacy (outside the law?) 1700-1987
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Records & Sources
Birth, Marriage & Death Records
Sat 1 Sep 2018
3 hours
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In this half-day course, Professor Rebecca Probert covers two topics.

Session 1 Marriage Law for Genealogists

Do you suspect that your ancestors weren’t really married? Maybe their marriage was bigamous, or within the prohibited degrees, or otherwise invalid because of non-compliance with certain formal requirements. Or have you found a marriage in a parish, where your ancestors had no known connection, and you think may have been clandestine? Rebecca explains the circumstances in which a marriage would not be lawful and the consequences for those involved. She also looks at the extent of bigamy and invalidity in past centuries, to help you interpret your findings.

Session 2 Illegitimacy (outside the law?) 1700-1987

Rebecca explains the concepts of legitimacy and legitimation and the legal and social implications for children born outside marriage. She shows what you can expect to find recorded in parish or civil records, and – drawing on large-scale cohort studies – what inferences you draw from what is or is not recorded.

A half-day course with Professor Rebecca Probert

01/09/2018 14:00 - 17:00