My Ancestor was Scottish

My Ancestor was Scottish
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Sat 7 Sep 2019
3 hours
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Learn about records in Scotland, including birth, marriage, death, census and parish records. For a start, many of the records are held in different locations, although they may be digitised.

Alan Stewart describes the basic steps to take to trace your Scottish ancestors. He looks at what is in the records and how to locate them. Although the records are similar to those relating to your English or Welsh forebears, there are differences. All of the main Scottish records (civil registration, census returns, church registers and wills) are held in Edinburgh. However, most records are now online so that you can find them and print them at home or in a library, a record office, or a family history society’s research centre.

A half-day course with Alan Stewart (author of the Society’s popular book: My Ancestor was Scottish