Parish Registers & Parish Chest Records for Family Historians

Parish Registers & Parish Chest Records for Family Historians
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Parish Registers & Records
Sat 7 Jul 2018
3 hours
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Before the national, civil registration of vital events started in 1837, the main records for baptisms, marriages and burials were the parish registers or a similar record kept by nonconformist denominations. So parish registers are extremely important for researching your family history from 1836 back to the 16th century.

Many parish registers are now available online. So it is easy to think that research them is straightforward. But, in this half-day course, Karen Cummings asks whether it is straightforward. Is the information recorded always the same? Was everyone included? How can you tell whether the records online include your parish of interest?

Session 1 examines the details of parish register research, including:

- Why the content changed at different times;

- How to search for records;

- What other copies are available.

Parish registers weren’t the only records maintained by the Church. The term ‘parish records’ also covers all the other records kept in the parish chest.

In Session 2, Karen takes you through a host of records that can add to your knowledge of your ancestors, including settlement and removal records, bastardy records and the records of the parish officers, such as the overseers of the poor.

A half-day course with Karen Cummings

07/07/2018 14:00 - 17:00