Precinct of St Katherine-by-the-Tower 1600-1825

Precinct of St Katherine-by-the-Tower 1600-1825
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Wed 3 Jun 2020
1 hour
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In November 1825, the labourers of the St Katherine's Dock Company began the destruction of the medieval church of St Katherine's, and over the coming months destroyed over 500 houses, workshops and warehouses, and made over 3,000 people homeless.

The church was:

“stately, and ancient; endowed by half a dozen Sovereigns; consecrated by the memory of 700 years; filled with the the monuments of great men and small men buried within her walls; standing in its own Precinct; with her own judges and officers, surrounded by claustral buildings belonging to the Master, Brothers, Sisters and Bedeswomen.”

Derek's talk will reveal his latest findings on the people who lived and worked in the area before 1825, the “Spirits” of the early 18th century and their links to emigration to the Americas, the origins of the dock company, and the long history of the Royal Foundation of St Katherine's, which today can be found in Limehouse. As a Royal Peculiar, the parish was organized in a completely different way from other East London parishes, and the Foundation was the only freeholder.

Based on the lecturer’s book, Whitechapel 1600-1800: a Social History, this is a very useful and interesting talk for anyone who had ancestors living in the area

03/06/2020 14:00 - 15:00
With Derek Morris