Talking Family History

Talking Family History
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Careers in Genealogy
Birth, Marriage & Death Records
Sat 18 May 2019
3 hours
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Are you comfortable giving a talk to a group about your family history or expertise?

Family History Societies, U3A groups and other organisations are always looking for interesting, knowledgeable and entertaining speakers – that could be you.

If you want to share your expertise and research with others, Antony Marr covers:

- How to structure a talk, a presentation or a lesson – and the differences between each one;
- How to make your content relevant to your audience;
- How to be an entertaining and effective speaker;
- How to use technology and visual aids, such as PowerPoint, to their best effect.

This course is appropriate for those considering a career as a family history professional and also those who just want to share their interests to a group in a professional manner.

A half-day course with professional genealogist and lecturer, Antony Marr