The Parish Chest - A Treasure Trove of Documentation

The Parish Chest - A Treasure Trove of Documentation
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Beginners Instruction
Parish Registers & Records
Sat 18 Jan 2020
3 hours
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This half-day course has two sessions:

Session 1 Parish Registers

The records of baptisms, marriages and burials in the parishes where your ancestors lived remain the prime sources for pre-1837 research. The records are not always easy to find or use. Not all the records are online or indexed. Plus there is no one single place to look for them. Alec provides a useful grounding on how to use and locate these vital records. He also gives an insight into the lives and times of our ancestors through the anecdotes of the village incumbents.

Session 2 Parish Documents

The parish played a very varied and important role in the lives of our ancestors. So it is always useful to establish whether other records, generated by the various officers of the parish, can supplement the information in the parish registers.

18/01/2020 14:00 - 17:00

Note the society genealogist, Else Churchill will be replacing lecturer Alec Tritton