Tracing Ancestors from Europe - From Beyond the Danube

Tracing Ancestors from Europe - From Beyond the Danube
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Sat 6 Sep 2014
1 day
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06/09/2014 14:00 - 17:00

This course will  be of interest to those researching ancestry of families thought to have Polish, Hungarian, Slovak, Baltic States, Czech or Ruthenian/Ukrainian ethnicity.  The  focus will be on how research in Eastern Europe differs from family history in the UK, remote access to secular and religious sources and databases, practical advice and experience of visiting and searching in local archives (including Vienna) and migration (by choice and obligatory). There will be emphasis throughout on the importance of addressing these topics in their local historical context (please note the course content will not specifically cover  research into tracing victims and survivors of the WWII holocaust). Bring along your own specific family history research queries for discussion.

A half-day course with Hugh & Sandra Guilford