Tracing your Female Ancestors & Suffragettes

Tracing your Female Ancestors & Suffragettes
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Sat 3 Feb 2018
3 hours
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Family historians are often accused of interesting themselves only in the male lines of their ancestry, following the history of the surname. Older pedigree compilations often ignore the daughters of a family leaving it difficult to establish the distaff line.

In the first session, learn more about the story of the fight for the vote for women, concentrating on the militant fight by the Women's Social & Political Union (the Suffragettes). This includes finding out about the Suffragettes who went to prison, force-feeding and other government responses, and how the vote was won during the Great War.

In the second session, find out about the sources that you can use to throw more light into the lives of your ancestresses and hear their voices.

A half-day course with Else Churchill and Ian Porter £20.00/£16.00

03/02/2018 14:00 - 17:00