Walk: London During World War I

Walk: London During World War I
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Sat 6 Sep 2014
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06/09/2014 10:30 - 12:30

London was bombed from the air for the first time during WW1 - how did London and Londoners cope? Was there panic? What stopped the Zeppelins? Does any evidence of this period survive?
London was no longer an island with the invention of airships and 'heavier than air' craft. Bombing came to the streets of London in 1915 and many would die in these first air raids. London was at the centre of a nation geared for war on the Western front, but the Home Front was a totally new concept - everyone, women, children, Government and Hospitals were all now in the front line. We walk the streets beneath the bombers routes to retrace the preparations, the initial novelty and subsequent panic as the realisation of civilian targets literally hit home. London would be changed City. Please see related lecture on 3 Sep

With Chris Everett