Walk & Visit: Historic Camden Towpath to the London Canal Museum

Walk & Visit: Historic Camden Towpath to the London Canal Museum
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Local History
Thu 5 Jul 2018
2 hours
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A walk on the canal towpath is a chance to experience the canal environment of today whilst looking for clues about the industrial past of the waterway. With the help of our Guide, we can see many signs of the canal's former role as a transport highway, despite the many modern developments that line the route. As we explore the area, our guide shows us Islington Tunnel, the longest canal tunnel in the south, bridges, and the infrastructure created for horse-drawn boating. We can see the transformations that modern developments have brought about.

The Canal Museum tells the story of London's canals, in a building erected as an ice warehouse in the mid-19th century. The canals were once the most important transport routes for industry and carried all sorts of cargoes. The most recent of the museum's permanent exhibitions is devoted to the cargoes carried and the boats used in London to carry them. Exhibitions cover the history of the canals and many other related topics. We begin to understand the social history of the people who worked on the canals and lived in tiny cabins as part of a floating population. We can see the detail of the engineering works relating to the canals and their water supply. We find out about the horses that pulled the boats and the carts on the streets.

Cost £10.00/£8.00. The price includes walk and entry to the Canal Museum.

05/07/2018 11:00 - 13:00