Walk: Westbourne River (London)

Walk: Westbourne River (London)
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Local History
Thu 17 May 2018
2 hours
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A guided walking tour of the lower reaches of one of London's major subterranean rivers. The walk starts where the Westbourne was once known as Bayswater Brook. Bayswater is a shortened version of Bayard's Watering Place, a place where bayards (horses) drank water from the river. We explore the alleyways and mews that once lined the river and the site of an ancient conduit which once supplied Central London with water. We then head off through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, where the River formed a series of natural ponds, later dammed to form the Serpentine. The River then follows the Kensington & Chelsea border with Westminster, through Knightsbridge (named after a ruckus between knights on a bridge over the River) and past Sloane Square, where the encased river can be seen crossing the tube station. Finally, the sewer outfall empties into the Thames beside Chelsea Bridge.

Many interesting points along the route of this walk include: the site of ancient tea gardens, a pub where the Great Train Robbery was allegedly planned, the setting of a Peter Pan book, a pub which was the final drinking place for victims of the Tyburn Gallows, stories of Second World War bombings, and the site of the original Crystal Palace.

With Paul Talling. 

17/05/2018 11:00 - 13:00