Writing Family History - Part 3

Writing Family History - Part 3
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Writing Family History
Sat 12 Dec 2020
7 hours
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This is the third of three popular, practical creative writing workshops that enable you to bring the story of your ancestors to life. The workshops guide you through the different phases of writing and editing. You have the opportunity to actively engage in writing and producing your family history.

At the end of the three workshops you will be working towards having a body of work ready for publication/display.

Workshop 3 looks at layout, final production and reviewing/presenting your own work, including:

- Editing and layout;

- Adding images;

- Printing and publishing;

- Reading and/or presenting a piece of work.

Please note: You must attend Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 before you enrol in this third Workshop.

12/12/2020 10:30 - 17:00