Distance Learning Courses - Family History Skills and Strategies

Certificate of Family History Skills and Strategies (intermediate)

In 2010, the Society of Genealogists joined forces with Pharos Teaching & Tutoring to offer the esteemed SoG courses and education programme to a wider audience than can attend the Society’s classes in London. Together we have introduced a new joint programme, the distance learning Certificate of Family History Skills and Strategies (Intermediate), which has proved very popular.

The Skills and Strategies course offer a practical opportunity for family historians to take their research further and to develop their own expertise and understanding of genealogical sources and techniques. It consists of 10 Modules to be taken over a period of 24 – 36 months and is offered online.

The modules are listed here in alphabetical order:

•Apprenticeship Records
•Before the Modern Census, Sources from 1690 - 1837
•Employment Records
•Migration in the British Isles
•Military Records
•Nonconformity in England and Wales
•The Poor, the Parish and the Workhouse
•Victorian Crime & Punishment
•Wills and Administrations
•17th Century Sources


Tutors include the well-known authors and genealogists, Gill Blanchard, Liz Carter, Else Churchill, Simon Fowler, Sherry Irvine, Paul Blake, Alec Tritton and Stuart Raymond. All have made significant contributions to the world of family history and bring a wide array of records knowledge and teaching experience to the online classroom.


The Skills and Strategies course is suitable for genealogists who have had at least two years’ experience in family history research in England & Wales and have mastered the fundamentals of census, civil registrations and parish registers but who now wish to move on to new records and a greater understanding of research methods and skills. Each module is monitored by the Society to ensure excellent standards of content and teaching.

Students may, alternatively, choose not have work assessed and to take any arrangement of individual topics. Courses taken individually without assessment cost less.

To find out more, including the current module prices and start this great learning opportunity, visit www.pharostutors.com/certificate.php