Breaking Down Brick Walls Series of Summer Workshops – Thursday Evenings 6-7:45pm

This series of workshop sessions will offer an opportunity to tackle genealogical brick walls and conundrums in a group environment. After all two heads (or more) are usually better than one!  Facilitated by a tutor the introduction will look at a topic or problem that commonly arises during the Society’s regular consultations or advice sessions and make sure you know what you need to know to tackle the problem. After the initial presentation the tutor will open up the session to group questions and discussions about your genealogical queries that may (but not exclusively) be related to the topic under discussion.

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Hell Upon Water: The Infamous Prison Ships of England 1793-1815 - A One-hour lecture on 29 June

Paul Chamberlain will talk about the British use of prison ships during the Napoleonic Wars. Over 200,000 prisoners of war of many nationalities were held at Dartmoor, Norman Cross and in prison ships, or hulks, during the Napoleonic Wars. British prison ships had an ominous reputation and French prisoners dreaded being sent to one. Why did the British blame Napoleon for the increasing use of prison hulks?

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