London Street Names and Numbering - A One-hour Lecture on 15 February

Street names and numbering is a significant subject for researching family history in London. Before 1855 there was no control over the naming of streets and in some places duplicate numbering in particular streets could be found. House names were often the only form of identification for post delivers even in the mid 19th century. The session will cover how street regulation was introduced, identifying successive names for streets and also when re-numbering took place. Without a knowledge of street names and number sequence following threads through Census enumerators areas can be difficult. After World War 2 there were many changes made that will affect the family historian and aids to this will be given.

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Transcribers’ Discovery – A Sad Obituary

There are many transcription projects taking place for the Society of Genealogists.  As part of the transcription of the ‘Mitcham Surrey Pedigrees’, a transcript of an obituary from ‘The Gentleman’s Magazine’ was found that proved to be rather interesting yet sad.

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