History of the London Charterhouse - A One-hour Lecture on 7 February 2018

The Charterhouse has been living the nation’s history since 1348. Founded as a burial ground for victims of the Black Death, a Carthusian monastery was built on the site which prospered for 160 years until it was dissolved by agents of King Henry VIII.  A grand mansion was built from monastic ruin inhabited by some of the most notable Tudor figures of the day.  But it was in 1611 that Thomas Sutton purchased the site and established the country’s most significant charity which still bears his name...

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Your Grandmother – Records to Help You Hear Her Voice

Isn’t it great when our personal family history gets caught up in our country’s history – or maybe even world history? Especially since some members of our family lived through very exciting times. Whenever I read about some momentous or terrifying event in history, I wonder if one of my ancestors were there. For example, everyone in the UK learns at school about how women won the right to vote: some in 1918; full suffrage in 1928. We learn about how women protested and demanded the vote. We learn about the first women standing for election

But what about ordinary women, living ordinary lives? Imagine the first time they actually voted. It was probably your grandmother or great-grandmother. She walked into a booth, in a church hall or school, and placed a cross next to her own choice of candidate. No one got to know who she voted for.....

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