Percival Boyd’s Legacy Still Gives Us an Essential Resource - Boyd’s Inhabitants of London

Are you searching for an ancestor that lived or worked in London during the 16th, 17th or 18th centuries? Then you need to take a look at Percival Boyd’s Inhabitants of London.

I’m fascinated by this set of records, even though I can’t find any of my ancestors in it. I’m amazed at the sheer size of the collection and the details it holds. If you find some of your family, you’ve got an absolute treasure trove. But that’s not all. I’m fascinated by why Percival Boyd started this huge piece of work in the 1930s, apparently without even a typewriter, because it’s all handwritten.

The set of records

Boyd's Inhabitants of London is a collection of about 60,000 handwritten sheets. Each sheet covers one male inhabitant of London – usually a citizen but not always. Originally, the collection was called Citizens of London, but the name changed because not all the men were actually freemen of the City. As a minimum, a sheet shows the man’s name, his London parish, and the date of his marriage. But many sheets show loads more than that...

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May 2018 Discounted Book of the Month - My Ancestor was a Royal Marine

In addition to providing a detailed history of the Royal Marines, this title contains much information on how to research your Royal Marine ancestor. The author, Ken Divall, is a former regular solider in the Royal Engineers. He explores a variety of resources, including records at The National Archives, The National Maritime Museum, The Imperial War Museum and The British Newspaper Library. He writes with eruiditon and enthusiasm for his subject, crafting a book of reference that covers everything from war medals, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and online records...

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