Hell Upon Water: The Infamous Prison Ships of England 1793-1815 - A One-hour lecture on 29 June

Paul Chamberlain will talk about the British use of prison ships during the Napoleonic Wars. Over 200,000 prisoners of war of many nationalities were held at Dartmoor, Norman Cross and in prison ships, or hulks, during the Napoleonic Wars. British prison ships had an ominous reputation and French prisoners dreaded being sent to one. Why did the British blame Napoleon for the increasing use of prison hulks?

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Guidelines and Standards- How to avoid mistakes in Genealogy - A One-hour Lecture on 22 June

‘It fits, so it must be right!’ is an all too common a fallacy adopted by budding tracers of ancestry. It is sadly very common, for those accepting of this precept, later to discover an error which renders

Months, even years, of intermediate research little more that a waste of time. It must be accepted that little research can be claimed to be one hundred percent accurate. However the lecturer will set out methods for the critical evaluation and recording of data used in compilation of a pedigree which minimise the likelihood of error.

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