Coffers,Cauldrons,Comfrey and Coifs:Lives of our 17th Century Ancestors -A Half-day Course on 25 Feb

Why do you need a bum roll? What colour were carrots in the C17th? What did the Cavaliers use for deodorant? Can you think of 47 uses for urine? Supplying the answers to the above (well maybe not all 47 uses), this presentation is a light-hearted but informative, insight into the domestic life of our C17th ancestors and what they ate and drank. The emphasis is on providing the context against which to set the documentary evidence for this period.

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The 19th Century Cemeteries of London & Graveyard Symbolism - A Half-day course on 18 February

We will learn more about the extraordinary period of change that London experienced in the 19th century saw a parallel upheaval in burial practices. Many ancient churchyards closed forever and an impressive array of garden cemeteries open in the suburbs. We will also look at Graveyard Symbolism and uncover the meaning of the signs, symbols and other representations found on funerary monuments of the 19th century.

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London Street Names and Numbering - A One-hour Lecture on 15 February

Street names and numbering is a significant subject for researching family history in London. Before 1855 there was no control over the naming of streets and in some places duplicate numbering in particular streets could be found. House names were often the only form of identification for post delivers even in the mid 19th century. The session will cover how street regulation was introduced, identifying successive names for streets and also when re-numbering took place. Without a knowledge of street names and number sequence following threads through Census enumerators areas can be difficult. After World War 2 there were many changes made that will affect the family historian and aids to this will be given.

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