Stage 2 Evening Skills Course - Starts 7 September and runs 13 weeks

The Society of Genealogist's successful family history skills course continues with a second set of evening classes to develop your research and genealogy knowledge. Our team of professional genealogists present a carefully designed curriculum to develop your skills.

Who is this course for?

Stage 2 is designed for those who already have some experience of genealogical research and are familiar with the basic records (General Registration, the censuses, directories, parish registers and bishops' transcripts and wills).

What will the course cover?

Techniques for localising the elusive ancestor

Army records before 1914

Auxilliary services and state employees

Royal Navy and Merchant Navy records before 1914

Education, Trades and Professions

Apprenticeship records and guilds

Records of the poor

Records of the 17th century

Research before Parish Registers

Genetics and DNA Testing for family history

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Your ‘lost’ ancestor might have been a WW1 Anzac

The least remembered men that fought in WW1 could be the British born recruits who joined up in New Zealand or Australia. They became part of the ‘Anzacs’, a term we all use to describe the Australian and New Zealand soldiers that fought in Gallipoli and on the Western Front. It’s true that most of the men were recruited in Australia or New Zealand. But that doesn’t mean they were actually New Zealanders or Australians.

For family historians in the UK, looking for a long lost relative, one of these Anzacs could be the man you’re looking for. I’ve spent two years researching the New Zealanders’ experiences in WW1. The stories of newly arrived immigrants to New Zealand, joining up to fight for their home country and their new country, are the saddest stories of all.

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