How to Die like a Victorian - A One-hour Lecture on 22 March

The Victorian preoccupation with death and dying might seem morbid to modern eyes. But have we now gone too far in the opposite direction?

In 21st century Britain, death tends to be hidden from public view. Today, medical professionals and undertakers take on many of the duties which in the past would have been carried out by the deceased’s relatives, such as washing and ‘laying out’ the body. Unlike the Victorians, today we experience a lack of familiarity with the dead which has led to the discussion of death becoming almost taboo and a subsequent rise in so called ‘death anxiety’. 

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Lies, Damned Lies and Family History- A One-hour Lecture on 16 March

We have all heard family tales about illustrious ancestors or simply tales of our forebears. Some of these tales are to hide dark secrets, but mostly they are just stories of the family's past. In this talk,  I will look at some of the stories I have been told about my ancestors and the ways I have researched them. Some turned out to be lies and damned lies and some were true, or at least partially true. Some stories turned out to be sad and other hilarious, but all of them were worth researching!

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