Nursing through Shot and Shell: Medical Women at the Front - A One-hour Lecture on 25 May

When War was declared in August 1914, many British women demanded the right to serve their nation.  Had Kitchener’s sister called for a million women, recruitment would have been as easy as for her as for her brother.  Many women assumed that Red Cross First Aid and other Proficiency certificates would provide an entrée into the charmed circle of military nursing.  Others believed the War Office would welcome their professional skills as doctors and surgeons and send them on Active Service overseas.  Still others imagined that their birth, breeding and total confidence in their own usefulness to the Allied cause would be as self-evident to the military authorities as to themselves.  However, in 1914 the War Office believed that, apart from the small exclusive corps of professional military nurses, in wartime, women should quite simply ‘go home and sit still’. 

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The First Blitz (World War I) - A One-hour Lecture on 18 May

From the outset of World War I the Germans worked on plans to destroy the heart of the British Empire in a firestorm delivered from the air. Beginning with the first Zeppelin airship raids of 1915 to the Gotha and Giant bombers that followed. This talk explores the effect on London, the civilian population and the legacy that remains visible to the present day.

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