November Book of the Month - My Ancestor was a Railway Worker

Our November book of the month covers all aspects of the hugely significant railway industry, and features a brief history of our railways, in addition to case studies and a comprehensive resources section. It is a complete guide to using railway records, written with great passion by an author who was a professional railway civil engineer from 1959 to 2009, and who is equally knowledgeable on family history...

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Sir Walter Raleigh executed 29 October 1618: An eye witness account from the archives of the Society

Edward Prue got up very early indeed on Monday 29 October 1618. It was still dark, damp and quite chilly. He dressed carefully, taking care that his best jacket was brushed and clean. Then he set out for the Palace Yard, Westminster in London. Mr Prue was on what he considered to be an important mission. His good friend, Mr Edwards, had asked him to attend Sir Walter Raleigh’s execution, on behalf of my Lord of Dorset. Mr Edwards had asked Mr Prue to send a letter to him, describing what happened. Mr Prue was thrilled by this request and wanted to report on the event in the best way possible.

It’s 400 years since Mr Prue walked through the streets of London to carry out his mission. The SoG is very fortunate to have the letter that he wrote to Mr Edwards....

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