January 2018 Discounted Book of the Month - My Ancestor was a Woman at War

Women did a lot more in wars than we popularly assume. However, researching your female ancestors at war requires a different approach from that of standard military history research - as well as flexibility and dedication. Part of the Society of Genealogists’ My Ancestor was… series, this book aims to explore the range of roles undertaken by women during wartime.

 It also encourages wider research into the role of women at war, with a particular emphasis on the Victorian era and the First and Second World Wars. There are chapters on women working within the medical professions, women working in munitions, women in the navy and the air force, and women in intelligence....

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A Reminder of Society Open Hours and Closures

The Society will be closed for the New Year holiday on 1 January and remains closed for annual stocktaking from 2-6 January, reopening on Tuesday 9 January 2018 .

Note we are open as usual on Thursday, 28 December 10-8 and on Saturday 30 December 10-6.

Find more information about our opening times and closure dates visit the library section of our website

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Treasures of the Society of Genealogists: Birth Briefs

Exploring our family trees requires attention to detail. We focus on databases and archives as we search for clues and the evidence we need. We keep our eyes down on the detail. But sometimes, just for a moment, it’s worth sitting back and looking at the bigger picture. A birth brief is perfect for that bigger picture because we can see the generations all on one page – at a glance.

A birth brief is a form that allows you to record your ancestors, going back to your great-great-grandparents. Of course, each birth brief only shows your direct ancestors. For example, you won’t be able to see your great-uncles or great-aunts. But it still gives a snapshot of your family. Other people, who share some of your ancestors, may find that snapshot very useful...

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