Census Substitutes - A half-Day Course on 4 March

Many of us get frustrated when we can’t find people on a census return. But there can be many reasons for people being missing. The question is,  are there any alternatives that we could use?  This lecture will look at the reasons for them being missing as well as exploring the pros and cons of the alternative options.

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Fraud, Forgery, Feuding: The Coming of Civil Registration - A One-Hour Lecture on 1 March

We will look at pre-1837 records in the light of the evidence presented to the 1833 Select Committee on Parochial Registration.  It covers the keeping of the records, the information included, the legal standing of Anglican & Dissenters' records, the difficulties of proving identity, descent and entitlement, opportunities for forgery and fraud, attitudes to change, who wanted it and why.  It argues that an understanding of how BMD records were collected and transmitted is helpful when faced with deficiencies in the GRO indexes.

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Coffers,Cauldrons,Comfrey and Coifs:Lives of our 17th Century Ancestors -A Half-day Course on 25 Feb

Why do you need a bum roll? What colour were carrots in the C17th? What did the Cavaliers use for deodorant? Can you think of 47 uses for urine? Supplying the answers to the above (well maybe not all 47 uses), this presentation is a light-hearted but informative, insight into the domestic life of our C17th ancestors and what they ate and drank. The emphasis is on providing the context against which to set the documentary evidence for this period.

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