Treasures Tuesday – Discover the Treasures of the Society of Genealogists’ Library

The Society of Genealogists is pleased to highlight some of the many interesting and unique collections within the Society’s Library. Some of these collections first appeared on our website several years ago and we thought you would find them of interest, along with manynew  upcoming Treasures news. Look out for future updates in the Treasures Tuesday, which will explain what’s in the family history collections and how to use them. 

The first of our Treasures is Clues from an Irish Receipt for Leases Book from 1799:

For those of us with only a sketchy understanding of Irish history, the family history documents left in the SoG’s care offer a fascinating glimpse into a different world. Of course, for those of us tracing people on Irish branches of our family trees, those same documents can place our ancestors in a place, in a time, and in a context.

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Barking up the Wrong Family Tree: A Cautionary Tale with Examples - A Half-day course on 27 May

In the first part of this course includes a series of cautionary tales for family historians, each designed to show how easy it is to make wrong assumptions or to draw inaccurate conclusions - in short, to bark up the wrong family tree. The focus will be on British genealogical sources, but the examples presented here will be based upon the presenter's experience as a professional genealogist working for clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

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