Echoes of the Crimean War in London - A Guided Walk on 29 July

The Crimean War, which was also referred to as the War with Russia by contemporary commentators, took place during 1853-1856 between Russia and the Ottoman Empire and the British, French, and Piedmont-Sardinians. In this walk you will be introduced to a variety of connections with the conflict, some obvious and some not so, which can be found within a small area of Westminster extending from the boundary with the City of London via the Embankment to Waterloo Place. Some of the principal personalities involved in the war can be found in the National Portrait Gallery which can be visited independently either before or after the walk; a list indicating the location of the portraits will be provided.

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In Search of Our Ancient Ancestors Using Records, Surname Origins and DNA - Lecture 20 July

Anthony Adolph will show how record-based research, oral history, study of surname origins, archaeology, fossil-hunting, genetic testing, ancient origin myths and even the science of the Big Bang all stem from our fundamental desire to understand who we are and where we come from, and are all tools that can be brought together for tracing our ancestry as far back as possible. 

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