SoG will attend the Friends of Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries Open Day 7 July

The Friends of Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries (FoBLC) will hold its annual Open Day within the cemetery to promote this beautiful, peaceful and historic Victorian landscape.  There are tours of the cemetery, an exhibition on its history, its memorials, famous persons interred there, current and future conservation work and its flora and fauna.  There are also local community and charity groups’ stalls, publications for sale and refreshments in the nonconformist chapel.  The Society of Genealogists will also be there, stop by and visit us.

The two cemeteries – originally called Deptford and Lewisham Cemeteries – were both established in 1858 and adjoin each other.  They were merged in 1965 and the main entrance is now on the Ladywell side, with a pedestrian entrance on the Brockley side...

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What the SoG holds to help Australians find their British roots

Remember when any Australian with British ancestors assumed they had been sent out to Australia on a convict ship? “Sent out for stealing an apple!” we would happily claim. Well, now we know a lot more about how and why our ancestors migrated to Australia.

Of course, we do find some of our ancestors on convict ships up to the 1860s, in the listings for convicts and for the guards or military that sailed with them. We may find them as bounty migrants, paid for by settlers already in Australia, who were desperate for more workers in the mid 1800s. We may find them in the assisted migrant lists, where their travel costs were subsidised, or paid in full, using one of the many Australian government immigration schemes. In fact, we now know that there were waves of migrants from Britain to Australia, from the early convicts to the ‘£10 Poms’ in the mid 20th century.

But what we can’t always find easily are the parents and grandparents our ancestors left behind...

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Looking for Family in New Zealand - A one-hour lecture on 27 June

 In this one-hour talk we cover:

 -How to look up birth, marriage and death records in New Zealand making use of some amazing  features.

 - How to find emigrants on the ships that took them to the other side of the world.

 - Other records available online, such as Papers Past (the New Zealand database of newspapers), Archway (Archives), obits and government papers - even a Sheep Owners list!

-Looking for the siblings of your ancestors who seem to have disappeared and may have left amazing footprints in NZ.

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