Family History Getaway: Irish Ancestors & Irish Lives -  Week-long Course 5-9 June

Like so many families around the world, you probably have some Irish ancestors on your family tree. Over the centuries, Irish people have travelled around the globe. They helped to build the modern world, trading, colonising, governing, or fighting in garrisons in far off settlements. You may have found some of the basic records for your Irish ancestors, telling you where they came from in Ireland, the villages they lived in and who they married. But, from the stories you’ve heard, do you think there’s so much more to learn about what their lives were like in Ireland? This Getaway Week focuses on the Irish branches of your family tree: how they lived, their daily lives and jobs, the political and social issues that challenged them, and the documents that can help you build an understanding about them.

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Tracing your Ancestors through Local History Records - A One-hour Lecture on 29 March

Most of us who have been involved in researching our ancestors have a couple of centuries or more worth of names, dates and places, but these are merely the bare bones of ancestral history. Working on the basis that 'No man is an island' to quote poet John Donne, we can learn more about them by examining their surroundings. What was life like in the places associated with them - the schools, churches, workplaces, villages or towns? What events did they witness, talk about or which shaped their lives? An examination of local history resources can go a long way to understand more about their lives, but there are also pitfalls which may ensnare the unwary. This talk examines the relevant sources and how to make the most of them.

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