Fire & Pestilence: The Great Fire of London & Family History - A Full-Day Course on 3 September

The Great Fire of London is one of the biggest disasters in London’s history – some believe it to be the biggest of all. Join us for a whole day, at the Society of Genealogists, to explore the story of the Great Fire and how it affected Londoners and London. Attend talks and workshops covering the parts of London that burnt, where to find records on Londoners who lived through it and what happened when the Fire stopped.

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Family History Skills Course: Stage 3 – 10 Weeks on Thursday Evenings Start 15 September

You have mastered all the basic skills needed to research family histories. You have even managed to break down some brick walls. Now you would like to take your knowledge and your skills a bit further. The Society of Genealogists’ Stage 3 set of evening classes does just that. You’ll learn about the information that lies in the less well known documents and you’ll get a chance to put your skills to use in practical exercises.

Who is this course for?
Stage 3 is designed for those with experience of genealogical research and the basic research records. It is suitable for for students wishing to take the IHGS exams.

What will the course cover?
The British overseas

Intestacy, probate and tracing missing partners

The application of genetics and DNA testing for family history

Immigration to England

Chancery and other Equity Courts

Ecclesiastical Courts

Manorial records, customs and tenure

Land and estate documents

Researching before parish registers

Debrief of research assignments

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