Keeping your Blog Secure - A half-day course on 6 June

2014 was the year of amplified hacking attacks! it has been a busy year for hackers 162,000 Hacked Wordpress Sites were used in DDOs attack

43 Million Wordpress Sites were declared vulnerable Forbes, Obamacare, Daft Punk and Angry Birds - hacked. The last thing you want to find after all your hard work is that your blog has been hacked. Yet this can easily be avoided had you followed some simple security steps. It would be nice if there was a simple "magic" plugin but there isn't! That being said with the right tools and some simple techniques setting up a secure bog doesn't have to be difficult.

Your hosting company won't help! Most likely they will suspend or close your hacked account after perhaps giving you a few days to resolve the problem. Also:- Your site will be blacklisted by search engines. You will waste time sorting out blacklist issues It takes an average of three days to recover a hacked site, and one out of four hacked sites will never be recovered.

This half day course will cover
1. Host security and recommended list of respected hosts

2. Using tools to identify risky themes and plugins

3. Implementing site security (tools and plugin list provided)

Hackers are inherently lazy and will look to hack the easiest sites first, the lecturer, a blogger for over 12 years, will show you how you can easily keep 99.9% of these out of your life!

A half-day course on Saturday, 6 June (2-5pm) with Alec Tritton, cost £20.00/£16.00 SoG members. Places should be pre-booked, either through our website or by telephone: 020 7553 3290. Do you have a question? email the events department.