AfL Conference   1914-1918:“The Endlessly Significant Tale” 7 & 21 May 2014

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1914-1918: ‘The Endlessly Significant Tale’

Throughout 2014, Archives for London is exploring how the early 20th century encompassed decades of change.

Poet and author Edward Blunden’s reflection that the First World War was ‘the endlessly significant tale’ provides the context for our two half-day conferences that examine how the war changed lives.

7 May - impact on daily life, expert speakers include Dr Andrea Tanner on retail and trade, Robert Jeffries on the Police, Simon Carter on St Paul’s Cathedral and the place of religion and Robert Curphey of Lord’s Cricket Ground on sport.

21 May – long term impact on the professions, with speakers such as Dr Rosemary Wall on nursing and Anne Locker on networks of women engineers and scientists.
The conference complements the exhibition ‘The Most Stupendous Struggle’ featuring items from King’s College London collections.
Wednesday 7 and Wednesday 21 May 2014, 2:15-6:00pm at King’s College London, Maughan Library, Weston Room, Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1LR

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