Almshouses - History & Architecture and the Birth of Social Housing - A Half-day Course on 30 March

In this half-day course, Carol Kerry-Green describes two separate types of housing.

Part 1 - Almshouses

Carol looks at the history of almshouses, from their beginnings as hospitals for the sick in the 11th century. She traces the different types of almshouses, who founded them and who funded them. Carol shows how to find records of almshouses, if you discover an ancestor living in one, for example on a census return. She also looks at the varying architectural styles over the centuries.

Part 2 - Council Housing

Carol looks at the crowded slums, using the city of Hull as an example. She covers the beginnings of reform in the 19th century, including the new Improvement Acts, and by-law housing. Carol then turns to social housing, beginning with philanthropism, the Homes for Heroes movement after the 1st World War, and the upsurge in Council Housing in the inter-war years.

A half-day course on Saturday, 30 March (14:00-17:00), cost £20.00/£16.00 SoG Members. Places should be pre-booked, through our website or by telephone: 020 7553 3290 (Tue-Thu & Sat). Do you have a question? email the events department.

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