Book of the Month - May

Our Book of the Month for May is My Ancestor was in the British Army, by Michael and Christopher Watts. Written for modern family historians wishing to research their ancestors who served in the British Army from 1660 to the Second World War, this practical guide will help them to access and understand the many records available in archives and online. Millions of British soldiers have served their country and few family trees will not contain at least one soldier so this excellent book will appeal to most family historians.
Throughout May, My Ancestor was in the British Army is available to members at the special offer price of GBP 7.91 (GBP 8.79 to non-members). You can order online at where you will find a large range of family history publications, including My Ancestor was a Merchant Seaman by the same authors.
Offer valid until 31/05/2013

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